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I’m Clare, a qualified personal trainer in Bromley who believes that your exercise routine and diet should be tailored to your goals and lifestyle. My one-to-one classes and group training sessions are designed to make the most of the time you have available, allowing you to build a balanced routine that fits your personal requirements and can be sustained long term. I’ll show you that becoming more active and pursuing your fitness goals doesn’t need to make large demands on your time. I also offer a tailored nutrition service that will help you to translate your training and hard work into the results you want.

Clare B3 Fitness Training

What makes me the right

I have the expertise to tailor your personal training sessions to your body, lifestyle, current fitness levels, and goals. I’ll provide the professional support and insight you need, while making the journey enjoyable.

As a busy mum, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to put your fitness goals first while raising children and managing other responsibilities. My approach as a female personal trainer reflects this, helping you find a balanced routine that suits your lifestyle.

I make sure that fitness is enjoyable rather than intimidating. I’ll demystify the process so that you feel confident about exercising and are comfortable knowing I won’t hold you to unrealistic standards.

All my recommendations are informed by my own experience. You won’t need to find lots of time to exercise, hunt for ingredients, or prepare complicated meals. No matter how busy you are, I’ll help you understand how fitness can be part of your lifestyle.

Let’s talk fitness

Call 07525 495 455 or email to arrange a convenient consultation. I’m the personal trainer for hire in Bromley who will help you take the next step on your fitness journey.


Helping you achieve your fitness goals

What good is a personal trainer who doesn’t make fitness feel like an enjoyable and valuable part of your lifestyle? I work with women who are looking for a personal trainer in Bromley or Orpington that understands this and will take the hassle out of pursuing their goals.

Whether you’re searching for a personal trainer for a specific purpose such as weight loss or you just want to become more active, I’ll ensure that you feel comfortable, prepared, and in control of your own wellbeing. After all, fitness is extremely personal – your goals are your own and even the best personal trainer in London won’t help if you aren’t ready to work towards them.

What will your personal training
sessions be like?

If you’re a one-to-one training client, our sessions will be:


Everything is tailored to your goals, lifestyle, and fitness levels.


There’s no need to leave your home or purchase equipment.


You can build confidence, track progress, and achieve lifelong aims.


If you’re a group training client, our sessions will be:


Everything is focused on our collective enjoyment and the progress we make towards our shared goals.


All sessions take place outside so that no one needs to host, and group training keeps costs lower.


Build confidence within a judgement-free setting and find a place for fitness in your lifestyle.

Fuelling your fitness journey

I can advise you on nutrition, helping you to understand this complicated field and making sure your diet is aligned with your fitness goals.


Expert knowledge, excellent value

See the prices for my personal trainer services and start planning your fitness journey. I will help you achieve the results you’re aiming for.

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Take the next step on your fitness journey.
Call 07525 495 455 or email to arrange a convenient consultation. I’ll help you become more active and reach your fitness goals.